3 Minuti (3 minutes), Materialisation of three minutes through an action decomposed in all its phases, producing a visible and quantifiable result, performance, 3:00 min., 2006, Venice
This is an attempt to unify three minutes of chronological time, as we have codified it, into a single concept, turning it into a substance. Two actors are juggling with two oranges following the
rhythm of the seconds of an imaginary clock.
At the 60th second one jongleur gives one orange to the girl next to him who cuts it, who gives it to the girl next to her who squeezes it.
In the meanwhile the jongleurs continue juggling other oranges. The action lasts 3 minutes and produces 3 minutes orange juice.
The performance takes place while the people present in the room keep moving, walking, and talking. The performance creates a sort of bubble in which time stops, or it is made visible. Like a sort of Messianic time, concept inspired by Walter Benjamin.
With Messianic time Benjamin did not intend the creation of an additional layer of time, but something that overlaps with chronological time and offers a way of determining the time that time itself puts ahead of us. The performance thus seeks to create a sort of time in time.

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